The meaning of the symbols of sweating, night seen in a dream.

Night Blindness

See under BLINDNESS.... night blindness


A frightening dream. Night terrors in children.

Causes: excessive mental activity during the day, a heavy meal late in the evening, indigestion, obstruction of free blood return from the brain.

Teas: Alfalfa. English Herb Tea.

Dioscorides, and Pliny, both record: Paeony root. Prepare: 1 part powdered Paeony root mixed with 4 parts honey. 1-2 teaspoons to cup boiling water at bedtime.

France: traditional – Marjoram tea.

Dr Wooster Beach, USA. Cup Skullcap tea with honey and pinch of Cayenne on retiring.

Aromatherapy. Bedtime inhalation or anointing of forehead: oil of Frankincense. Nightly footbath. Practice relaxation at night before falling asleep. ... nightmare

Night Terror

A disorder, occurring mainly in children, that consists of abrupt arousals from sleep in a terrified state. Night terror (also called sleep terror) usually starts between the ages of 4 and 7, gradually disappearing in early adolescence.

Episodes occur during (nonrapid eye movement) sleep, usually half an hour to 3 and a half hours after falling asleep. Sufferers wake up screaming in a semiconscious state and remain frightened for some minutes. They do not recognize familiar faces or surroundings, and usually cannot be comforted. The sufferer gradually falls back to sleep and has no memory of the event the following day.

Night terror in children has no serious significance, but, in adults, is likely to be associated with an anxiety disorder.... night terror

Black Nightshade

See Hierba mora.... black nightshade

Deadly Nightshade

The popular name of Atropa belladonna, from which ATROPINE is procured. Its poisonous black berries are sometimes eaten by children.... deadly nightshade


(American) Born in the evening; child of the darkness Nite, Nyt, Nyte, Nyght... night

Night Sweats

Copious PERSPIRATION occurring in bed at night and found in conditions such as TUBERCULOSIS, BRUCELLOSIS and lymphomas (see LYMPHOMA), as well as thyrotoxicosis (see under THYROID GLAND, DISEASES OF), anxiety states and menopausal ?ushes (see MENOPAUSE).... night sweats

Night-sitting Service

A service that enables a caregiver night rest (e.g. where night disturbances of the older person receiving care are frequent).... night-sitting service

Eyes  - Night Blindness

Inability to see at night or in imperfect light due to a deficiency of visual purple (rhodopsin) in the rods at the back of the eye due to low level Vitamin A. Night myopia usually affects people during twilight. “One in five people are not fit to drive at night.” May occur in glaucoma and other eye disorders. Other causes: old age, free radical damage.

Alfalfa tea freely.

Of value: Kelp, Irish Moss, Iceland Moss.

Diet. Vitamin A foods, carrots, bilberries, Cod Liver oil.

Supplements. Vitamin A, Beta-carotene. C (2g), E (400iu). B-complex, B2, Niacin, Zinc. ... eyes  - night blindness

Night Blooming Cereus

See: CACTUS. ... night blooming cereus


The process by which the body cools itself. (See also sweat glands.)... sweating

Night Sweat

copious sweating during sleep. Night sweats may be an early indication of tuberculosis, AIDS, or other disease.... night sweat

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