The meaning of the symbols of salvo seen in a dream.

Arthritis, Lupus

A form of arthritis associated with systemic lupus erythematosis in young girls. An auto-immune disease which may involve the heart, kidney, CNS or other systems.

Symptoms: Joint pains with feverishness, loss of weight, anaemia and red raised patches of skin on nose and face (butterfly rash). Swelling of the joints resembles rheumatoid arthritis. Chest and kidney disease possible. Personality changes with depression followed by mania and possible convulsions.

Treatment. Standard orthodox treatments: aspirin, steroids. Alternatives: Echinacea (rash), Valerian (mental confusion), Lobelia (chest pains), Parsley Piert (kidney function).

Tablets/capsules. Echinacea. Poke root. Dandelion. Valerian. Wild Yam. Prickly Ash bark.

Powders. Echinacea 2; Dandelion 1; Wild Yam half; Poke root quarter; Devil’s Claw half; Fennel half. Mix. Dose: 500mg (two 00 capsules or one-third teaspoon) thrice daily. In water or cup of Fenugreek tea. Tinctures. Dandelion 4; Valerian 1; Prickly Ash half; Poke root half; Peppermint quarter. Mix. Dose: 1 teaspoon thrice daily, in water or cup Fenugreek tea.

Tincture. Queen’s Delight BHP (1983) 1:5 in 45 per cent alcohol. Dose 1-4ml (15-60 drops).

Topical. Plantain Salvo. Castor oil. Oil Cajeput or Sassafras. Comfrey or Chickweed cream.

Diet. Young girls may require diet for anaemia.

Supplementation. Daily. Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D. Dolomite (1500mg). Calcium Pantothenate (500mg). Iron: Men (10mg), women (18mg). ... arthritis, lupus

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