The meaning of the symbols of marriage seen in a dream.

Marriage Guidance

See RELATE MARRIAGE GUIDANCE.... marriage guidance

Relate Marriage Guidance

The idea of a marriage-guidance council came from a group of doctors, clergy and social workers who were concerned for the welfare of marriage. It is based upon two major concepts: that marriage provides the best possible way for a man and woman to live together and rear their children; and that the counsellors share a basic respect for the unique personality of the individual and his (or her) right to make his (or her) own decisions. The organisation consists of between 120 and 130 Marriage Guidance Councils throughout the country, comprising about 1,250 counsellors. These Councils are a?liated to Relate National Marriage Guidance, which is responsible for the selection, training and continued supervision of all counsellors. Anyone seeking help can telephone or write for an appointment. No fees are charged, but those receiving help are encouraged to donate what they can.... relate marriage guidance

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