The meaning of the symbols of born seen in a dream.

Bornholm Disease

Bornholm disease, also known as devil’s grip, and epidemic myalgia, is an acute infective disease due to COXSACKIE VIRUSES. It is characterised by the abrupt onset of pain around the lower margin of the ribs, headache, and fever; it occurs in epidemics, usually during warm weather, and is more common in young people than in old. The illness usually lasts seven to ten days. It is practically never fatal. The disease is named after the island of Bornholm in the Baltic, where several epidemics have been described.... bornholm disease


n. an essential oil used, in preparations with other essential oils, such as camphene, cineole, and pinene, to disperse gallstones and kidney stones.... borneol

Food-borne Infection

Any infectious illness caused by eating food contaminated with viruses, bacteria, worms, or other organisms. There are 2 mechanisms by which food can become infected. First, many animals that are kept or caught for food may harbour disease organisms in their tissues or organs; and, if meat or milk from such an animal is eaten without being thoroughly cooked or pasteurized, the organisms may cause illness in their human host. In the , the only common infection of this type is food poisoning. Second, food may be contaminated with organisms spread from an infected person or animal, usually by flies moving from faeces to food.

Immunization is available against certain food- and water-borne infections such as typhoid fever.... food-borne infection

Water-borne Infection

A disease caused by infective or parasitic organisms transmitted via water. Infections can be contracted if infected water is drunk, if it contaminates food, or if individuals swim or wade in it. Worldwide, contamination of drinking water is an important mode of transmission for various diseases including hepatitis A, many viral and bacterial causes of diarrhoea, typhoid fever, cholera, amoebiasis, and some types of worm infestation.

Swimming in polluted water should be avoided because, if swallowed, there is a risk of contracting disease. In addition, a form of leptospirosis is caused by contact with water contaminated by rat’s urine. In tropical countries, there is also a risk of contracting schistosomiasis (bilharzia), which is a serious disease caused by a fluke that can burrow through the swimmer’s skin.... water-borne infection

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