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Health And Wellbeing Board

(HWB) a statutory local authority committee that aims to improve integration between local health care, social care, and other public service providers. HWBs (of which there are over 130) also have a responsibility to reduce health inequalities and produce a local joint strategic needs assessment to inform commissioning of local services. Each upper-tier local authority is obliged under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to have an HWB, whose membership must include: an elected local representative; the local *Directors of Public Health, adult social services, and children’s social services; and representatives from the local *Healthwatch, each local *clinical commissioning group, and *NHS England.... Oxford | Concise Colour Medical Dictionary


Oxford | Concise Colour Medical Dictionary


A dynamic state of physical, mental and social wellness; a way of life which equips the individual to realize the full potential of his/her capabilities and to overcome and compensate for weaknesses; a lifestyle which recognizes the importance of nutrition, physical fitness, stress reduction, and self responsibility. Well-being has been viewed as the result of four key factors over which an individual has varying degrees of control: human biology, social and physical environment, health care organization (system), and lifestyle.... Community Health


Community Health