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Tamarix Aphylla

(Linn.) Karst.

Synonym: T. articulata Vahl. T. orientalis Forsk

Family: Tamaricaceae.

Habitat: Saline soils of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

English: Athel, Tamarisk.

Ayurvedic: Maacheeka, Maachikaa.

Unani: Maayin Khurd.

Siddha/Tamil: Sivappattushavukku.

Folk: Laal jhaau. Galls—Chhoti- Maayin.

Action: Galls—astringent. Contain 50% tannin. Bark—contains 14% tannin.

Galls used as a substitute for oak- galls and sumac.

Galls contain polyphenols—gallic acid, ellagic acid, dehydrodigallic acid, dihydrojuglone-5-glucoside, isoferulic acid and juglanin; flavonoids including quercetin, its glucoside, isoquercitrin, its methyl derivative, tamarixetin and tamarixin.... Indian Medicinal Plants


Indian Medicinal Plants

Tamarix Dioica


Family: Tamaricaceae.

Habitat: Throughout in river beds and near sea-coasts in Tamil Nadu.

Ayurvedic: Maachikaa (related species).

Siddha/Tamil: Nirumari.

Folk: Jhaau. Galls—Maayin.

Action: Twigs and galls—astringent. Tannin content—leaves 8%, twig- bark 10%, galls 50%.

The leaves gave tamarixetin, kaemp- feride, quercetiin and D-mannitol. Aerial parts contain trans-2-hydroxy- methoxycinnamic acid and isorham- netin. Hexane extract gave hentriacon- tan-7-ol.

The flavones (tamaridone and tama- done) have also been isolated from ethanolic extract, along with hexaco- syl-p-coumarate, gardenin, nevaden- sin and apigenin. Gardenin B exhibited antiviral and anti-invasive activity against solid tumours.... Indian Medicinal Plants


Indian Medicinal Plants

Tamarix Ericoides


Family: Tamaricaceae.

Habitat: South India, in river beds.

Ayurvedic: Maachika (related species).

Folk: Jhaau.

Action: Galls—astringent. Leaves— decoction is given for treating enlarged spleen; also cough.... Indian Medicinal Plants


Indian Medicinal Plants

Tamarix Indica


Synonym: T. troupii Hole. T. gallica auct. non Linn.

Family: Tamaricaceae.

Habitat: North Indian saline or water-logged soils; on sandy banks in West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and South India.

English: Takut Galls.

Ayurvedic: Jhaavuka, Bahugranthi- kaa, Shaavaka.

Unani: Maayeen Kalaan (large galls), Maayeen Khurd (small galls).

Siddha/Tamil: Sirusavakku.

Folk: Jhaau.

Action: Galls—astringent, given internally in dysentery and diarrhoea. Infusion used as a gargle for sore throat. Decoction applied to foul and sloughing ulcers. Pulverized galls, mixed with Vaseline, used for piles and anal fissures. Manna— mild laxative and expectorant. Tannin content—galls 40-50%, bark 15.3%; tannin and non-tannin ratio, quite high as compared to oak bark.

Alcoholic extract of the whole plant exhibited antiallergic activity.

Dosage: Gall, leaf, root—1-3 g powder. (CCRAS.)... Indian Medicinal Plants


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