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Also called pathological anatomy, the study of the structural changes that occur in body tissues as a result of disease, especially the changes visible to the naked eye.
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The study of the structural changes that diseases cause in the body, in particular those which can be seen with the naked eye at POST-MORTEM EXAMINATION.
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The science which deals with the structure of the bodies of men and animals. Brief descriptions of the anatomy of each important organ are given under the headings of the various organs. It is studied by dissection of bodies bequeathed for the purpose, or of the bodies of those who die in hospitals and similar institutions, unclaimed by relatives.... anatomy


Relating to disease... morbid

Co-morbid Condition

Conditions that exist at the same time as the primary condition in the same patient (e.g. hypertension is a co-morbidity of many conditions, such as diabetes, ischemic heart disease, end-stage renal disease, etc.). Two or more conditions may interact in such a way as to prolong a stay in hospital or hinder successful rehabilitation.... co-morbid condition

Jealousy, Morbid

Preoccupation with the potential sexual infidelity of one’s partner. The sufferer, most often a man, becomes convinced that his partner is having an affair. Morbid jealousy is usually caused by a personality disorder, depression, or paranoia, but may also occur in those suffering from alcohol dependence or organic brain syndrome (see brain syndrome, organic).... jealousy, morbid

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