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A very small, single-celled living organism that cannot usually be seen by the naked eye. The most important micro-organisms in medicine are those that cause disease. This ‘pathogenic’ group, however, forms only a small proportion of the enormous number of known microorganisms. The main pathogenic ones are BACTERIA. Others are fungi and RICKETTSIA. Though not true cells, viruses (see VIRUS) are usually classi?ed as micro-organisms. (See also MICROBIOLOGY.)
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A general term for an individual animal or plant.

Bacteria and viruses are disease-causing microorganisms.... organism


The mobile embryo of certain parasitic nematode worms which are found in the blood or lymph of patients infected with ?larial worms. The micro?lariae develop into larvae in the body of a blood-sucking insect, for example, a mosquito.... microfilaria


A prefix meaning small, as in microorganisms (tiny organisms).... micro-

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