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(American) A feisty and passionate woman

Fyre, Firey, Firy, Firi, Firie, Firee, Firea

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Fire Coral

The colloquial name for Millepora.... fire coral

Fire Jelly

See Morbakka.... fire jelly

Fire Weed

The colloquial term for Lytocarpus philippinus.... fire weed


Epilobium angustifolium

Description: This plant grows up to 1.8 meters tall. It has large, showy, pink flowers and lance-shaped leaves. Its relative, the dwarf fireweed (Epilobium latifolium), grows 30 to 60 centimeters tall.

Habitat and Distribution: Tall fireweed is found in open woods, on hillsides, on stream banks, and near seashores in arctic regions. It is especially abundant in burned-over areas. Dwarf fireweed is found along streams, sandbars, and lakeshores and on alpine and arctic slopes.

Edible Parts: The leaves, stems, and flowers are edible in the spring but become tough in summer. You can split open the stems of old plants and eat the pith raw.... fireweed

Golden Fire

Salve for rheumatic joints, stiff muscles, lumbago, backache and to prepare the spine or skeleton for manipulation as in osteopathy.

Ingredients: Cayenne pods 2oz (or Tincture Capsicum 60 drops); Camphor flowers quarter of an ounce; Peppermint oil 20 drops; Cajuput oil 50 drops; Eucalyptus oil 20 drops; Beeswax 2oz. Sunflower seed oil 16oz.

Method: Gently heat Sunflower seed oil. If Cayenne pods, are used: add pods, steep for one and a half hours. Stir. Strain. Over gentle heat add wax stirring gently until dissolved. Add other ingredients (including Tincture Capsicum if used), stirring well. Pour into jars while fluid. ... golden fire


n. (in mining) an explosive mixture of gases, usually containing a high proportion of methane, occasionally encountered in pockets underground. It can be distinguished from *blackdamp (chokedamp), which does not ignite.... firedamp

St Anthony’s Fire

an old colloquial name for the inflammation of the skin associated with ergot poisoning. See ergotism.... st anthony’s fire