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(English) A beloved child; a spoiled daughter

Babi, Babie, Babey, Babe, Bebe, Babea, Babeah

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Test-tube Baby

See EMBRYO TRANSFER.... test-tube baby

Baby Blues

A common name for a mild form of depression that sometimes occurs in women after childbirth. Baby blues almost always disappears without treatment but can occasionally develop into a more serious depressive illness (see postnatal depression).... baby blues

Blue Baby

An infant with a cyanotic (bluish) complexion, especially of the lips and tongue, caused by a relative lack of oxygen in the blood.

This is usually due to a structural defect of the heart or the major arteries leaving the heart.

Such defects may need to be corrected surgically (see heart disease, congenital).... blue baby

Salix Babylonica


Family: Salicaceae.

Habitat: North India, along the banks of rivers nad water-courses.

English: Weeping Willow.

Siddha/Tamil: Aatru Paalai.

Folk: Giur (Kashmir). Bed.

Action: Leaves and bark— astringent, antipyretic. Used in intermittent and remittent fevers. Bark—anthelmintic. Biological activity of aerial part—antiviral, CNS active, hypothermic.

The leaves are reported to contain delphinidin and cyanidin, fragilin, salicin, salicortin, salidroside, tremu- loidin, triandrin and vimalin. Salicin content in the stems and leaves is reported to be 3 to 4%. The bark yields phenolics—triandrin, salicin, gallocat- echol, catechol.... salix babylonica

Battered Baby Syndrome

see nonaccidental injury.... battered baby syndrome

Colloidian Baby

the distinctive appearance of a newborn baby that is covered in a shiny membrane, resembling plastic wrap. This is usually the presentation of an underlying chronic skin disorders such as *ichthyosis, although about 10% of colloidian babies have normal underlying skin.... colloidian baby

Floppy Baby Syndrome

see amyotonia congenita.... floppy baby syndrome

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